Big boots, wooly fleeces and bauble hats. Wrap up warm and we’ll hit the cold. Tea in O’Donoghue’s – a pub that The Dubliners used to frequent – their presence is both on and in the walls. If you can shut the noises in your mind up a bit you can attempt to feel it. Let it in. Then it’s off to Dublin’s first ever Christmas market on St.Stephens Green. When I lived in Kilkenny, I loved the Christmas market on the doorstep of my office – on the Parade in the City Centre (about the size of Rathmines Village, but we won’t go there) I’d meet friends there and go around the stalls, it was lovely. So I’m delighted Dublin has got one now.

But winter has it’s own beauty. You can traipse around moaning about the rain and the wet and the wind. Or you can soak it up and let it in…. not literally, you’ll mess up the carpet – but in your mind. So tonight we’ll take the chill and venture in to town wrapped up warm, to drop a few layers when we reach shelter, and appreciate the beauty of lights in the darkness. It might be November, but soon Spring will be back again. Make sure you’re still singing and in good spirits when it’s time to greet it.

*Downs last bit of tea & puts hat on* I’m off to market.