Night has fallen. The moon looks magic. It’s not full, just a crescent is visible and is commanding attention this evening, up in the sky with only the stars for company and to chat with. I took a quick glance through my open bedroom window and just as quick found myself with my head back in my iPhone to refresh my Facebook News Feed – again. I stopped myself then, because I felt someone was peeking in the window gagging for a bit of attention – so many look for a second but won’t fix their eyes upon her.

Sat there among the universe shining down on all. Yet, there I was tea in one paw and Facebook in the other. Bloody Facebook! All this while outside was a commanding view of a large crescent moon glowing over the Dublin Mountains. I, however, was looking at a status update on Facebook that was informing me that a movie I don’t plan to see was the worst movie ever made… Like, oh my god, ever – important statement, no? I managed not to give it the thumbs up.

That’s not who I am. I’ve always loved the world. I love to look at the sky with wonder at how it’s never ending and how the world can be so big and so small at the same time – but here I was ignoring it.

Has my passion for the earth and what surrounds us been so diminished that I can’t peel my eyes away from funny-ish memes and other equally useless posts? For a while, I managed to remember the me who was fascinated by this kind of thing. I put the phone down and turned off the bedside lamp for a better view outside. Just for a look not to “do” anything… why do we always need to “do” something all the time? Or pretend we’re doing something, pretending we’re busy, being uncomfortable when we’re not busy? What happened to just sitting and looking? Just be.

I sat and watched for a few minutes until it swam out of view and wondered who else it was shining on at this very moment? Friends of mine over foreign seas, friends of mine in this country. Who else in this wide world could see, at this moment the very thing I could see, regardless of the miles of sea, ocean and land between us?

It struck me that no one in America could. It’s still day light there but the sun that recently set here is gone over there now to give my friends there more attention. But, they can see what I’m looking at in London and Sweden – the southerly part anyway. Of course across this island they can see it too. We had a warm day today – unusual for July. The world slowed down for a while and the moon kept creeping to the right – or the planet we sit on danced to the left and thus it went out of view into the trees and beyond the mountains. On its way to America maybe, because it’s due there next once the sun leaves them in the states – to make it’s way back here, if we’re lucky.

I saw nothing after that, even the tree shadows disappeared but it was peaceful – no noise came. There was just me, looking out at the world and setting eyes on a moon that watches us; even though our eyes are often firmly pointed to the ground… Or as it is more and more, a screen. Rarely seeing what’s a few feet in front of us.

Outside my city centre office I see scrap, cars and buildings – but if I look far enough I see mountain peaks – maybe I’ll climb them someday, maybe I won’t. But I think what I might certainly do is speak with the moon again tomorrow night if she stops outside the window again…. She might be able to help me get my spirit back.