Reposted to the top of the blog having being featured on KCLR96FM On Saturday 17/01


So yeah… I hope you don’t mind me calling like this. My friends said I shouldn’t call you, but I can’t help it anymore. They don’t understand my hurt… They think I’m having a grand break.

Don’t turn away yet, just give me a minute…. two maybe… I have a message for you.

I never thought I’d say this, but, I miss you. I miss how you woke me up early on dark frosty mornings, on bright summer mornings, wet mornings and dry mornings. I miss how you gave me purpose and something to occupy my days with. I miss how you satisfied me.

I never wanted to leave you, but we were running out of money and I couldn’t help you grow anymore. Lies! We weren’t running out, we were out… But what we had come up with was worth the shot.

I see the people going to their own jobs, and I wish I was going in to see you. Oh to sit in traffic, or stand in an overcrowded bus in the morning and evening – satisfied, is a feeling I miss. Knowing I’d done something fulfilling with my day. Tired, the good type of tired. Exhausted, but I’ll conjure up a bit more energy to mean something to you. I miss meeting people through you, and the lessons I’d learn on top of the lessons I’d already learned. I’m tired of waking up late and I’m tired of not being able to sleep. I’m tired as well, that when I do get up early and visit the gym at seven in the morning, that I sit drinking my pre-gym coffee looking out the window at the packed buses and people walking, wanting to join them… knowing that after my session, I’m going home, when really I want to see you for the day.

So for now, some days I’ll stay home and others I might wander in to town and do some work in a café. But I can’t wait to meet with you again, and we’ll move on and we’ll push on further together. I want to contribute and I want my purpose back. I’m hungry for you, I miss you unbelievably… Let’s team up again soon.

I really miss you