Who will you gather with of a summers evening? To unwind under bright skies of whispy clouds and kick your feet up when the day is done? Tired from work in the sun for once. When the sun stays awake a little later, and climbs down slowly in the evening, red and orange in its pyjamas, we will go kicking balls and running with dogs in to the night time when it arrives around 11pm. The ocean… there’ll definitely be visits to the ocean – many body soaking, eye washing visits. We can stay up very, very late. You don’t need as much sleep in the summer, when your soul beats louder.

In June we’ll light a bonfire and play music when singing voices are ready. Have you ever noticed the sun chasing you as you drive? Behind the hills and trees he runs while you move along, catching up but never enough? No harm, he’ll hope to see you tomorrow. We might sit upon a hillside, fresh air in abundance, we’ll see the city and all the busy people, busy looking busy, but they won’t see us from our perch. From the hillside we’ll see towns going about their evening before embracing that weeks offering of Saturday night.


The summer’s still only young it hasn’t begun to roar at all. You see, summer is such a bright time, that when remembering and looking forward we often forget to remember the rain that pricks it in places.  But we will journey, we’ll sing, we’ll laugh and we’ll dance. The summer will open up and all that was hoped for will be revealed as true. There’ll be late nights and very late nights, as well as early mornings to explore, climb, jump and swim. We have been presented a fine opportunity to celebrate the world we have, and with a toe in the ocean or a foot on the road, in the summer the out of breath can breathe and we run to adventure in bright coloured t-shirts kicking up sand.


The memories of old and the excitement of young will come together and something new will be born. Document it in a notebook, or a song or a word. The summer will come and it’ll be good. A time when joy is plentiful and hope and wonder return. We’ll go visiting new lands and sit under stars until they’ve gone sleeping themselves. At the moment we allow the rain to finish off it’s course, and the wind that still hangs around could blow it a little off.