All the time in the world is what he has, so consequently, a very rich man he is. He scurries down the window pane and takes a seat on a window ledge. He’s just watching, having a look and taking in the latest view. He has very few people to chat with though, because he has an awkward habit of putting fear in to a lot of folks. How would you feel if you had a phobia all about you? Luckily, that doesn’t get him down. People will think what they wish, Spider’s busy ploughing his own field, making his sun shine. He feels no pressing need to move fast but he does anyway, it’s just, I suppose, the way that he’s made and he’d often be running from someone whose scared and someone who hates how he plays.

I was standing under hot water, and he didn’t mean to cause alarm but he was just being excited, exploring in a newly discovered rooftop corner.
He knocked a quick tap and he asked, could he come inside to my home for a chat? “There’s time left in the afternoon still but the dusk is rolling in,” and so he explained, that a farmhouse offers comfort where he swings from his handmade webs, decorating his abode. There’s a big cat chasing him in the meadows outside so he climbs to his home and hides in the tiles.


Come and sit down Mr. Spider, spin yourself a web, climb down from the window and make yourself a bed. Along came a spider and he sat down beside me, while I was washing my bones. “Don’t mind me, I’m just walking, and washing my feet” he said while he hung in the air. There he was hanging free and he wondered, if I didn’t mind, could he make my house his home.

I suggested to him, I’d stick on the kettle but he said he’d much prefer a beer. He kicked up his feet on the good seat and told me, that tonight we’d relax for tomorrow and all its bothers are a world and a half away. Sure, I’d closed the front door now the world couldn’t find me, unless I came out on a walk. Sinking in to a deep couch he wonders, “what’s the worry?” Nobodies moving anywhere fast, sure people run playing the game “I’m in a hurry,” but only running back to where they’ve already been;0 tell me, what’s the hurry? So we agreed to relax. No talk of tomorrow or today for that fact, just dreams and good stories of life. Mr. Spider, catches flies sitting still in his chair, because he trusts himself in his methods that work, and if he was to go running from place on to place, they would surely slip away from his eight hands.

And Mr.Spider, he’s well aware that someday somebodies going to come and break up his web, tearing apart all his work, but he’s not a little bit worried about that at all, because, well it just hasn’t happened yet. So he’ll save that worry for another day when his fears are in front of his nose. But tonight is not that, so he’s happy with life and he’s loving his web he calls home.

Come night I like to sit by a fireplace and leave the big world on the outside, Mr. Spider he’ll come and sit a while too, and where the mind rests peaceful, it’s home.