The summer time is our time. The boat to Kilronan and the journey towards is a very pleasant thing, particularly when it’s the first one in some time. First, we rumble westwards, slicing the midlands in two. Gladly leaving the claustrophobic, overcrowded, over pandered, overbuilt capital city behind until we breathe sea air at Ros an Mhíl and allow our eyes to take in open space and natures beauty. A part of Ireland that is as it has always been. Away from being busy and away from the noise we buy tickets, one white and one yellow.

The ropes are untied, and we detach from the shore. The boatmen have this path well worn and they’ll bring us over again today. Floating and turning towards Aran, it comes more and more in to view as the ferry boat cuts up the Atlantic waters underneath. On a rough crossing you can often tell who is on their first journey as some are very sick indeed and some are afraid. At the same time others sit and chat as normal, “you’ll never make a fisherman,” said an elderly man to a tourist with his head between his knees, while he, himself, sat with a smile and his hands resting on top of one another, chatting easily to his companion while the boat flipped and turned one New Years Eve.

Step outside on the deck and breathe in the sea spray, rock from side to side with a bounce of a wave. Crane your neck out over the side and you’ll see us arrive. At Straw Island where the lighthouse is, we’re as good as there. Relax now, it’s chill out time.

The scenes that are there, the cliffs for instance, are precious for those who have seen them and take photographs to show those that haven’t. We’ll put our feet on them and press hands in to the soil. Many visit just for a day and only see a portion. We’ll give ourselves the time to feast our eyes on it all. Over stones and walls and gardens and fields, we’ll explore this diamond land.

Settle down, settle down. We’ve come home again to breathe under the stars surrounded by ocean; we will play as we did in younger years. Back to the cliffs and face to the sea… Enjoy yourself, where ever you go, and when we can we’ll return here. We’ll never not return here.