In early August nights and preceding months, we could be found flying as far as the crow flies and staying afloat as long as our wings flap; shaking new hands and learning a new dance. Drifting, cruising, soaring…. what does it matter? At this time of year, smiles are larger and heads are cooler while the sky above heats up; so we might come home for sundown, then other days, we might not. There’s a lot to be seen, you see, and lot of fun to be done. For we started to make our way home, and then… well then, we just turned back towards the sun.

There’s a smell of sun in the nostrils and a desire to explore. We wander, we run and the roads that wind on continue along… cutting land and creating memories from their stones. Youth, it beats a drum and we stamp our feet to its bass heavy song – until you hear the tunes in your winter pillow at night. We’re offered a canvass and if I were to paint the summer sky I’d make it blue and orange and pink. Then I’d paint a clown in a business suit, so the working person can shed their lairs and remember what makes them laugh at this time of year. Let them open their wine in the daylight sky at 10pm as if it were Saturday night.

These days, are the moments to remember when we’re Christopher Columbus exploring all that we see from coastline to coastline, seeing roses and parades, getting lost on a new road to celebrate a new start.

Down cliff edges, fields and road ways our feet have never touched before, new waters to dive in to and songs to adore. There’s always more excitement to be discovered when there’s life in the evening sky. Travelling under day time cloud or night time stars is all the one to young eyes. There’s corners of a nation to be discovered, and we do it while the daylight stays a while longer. We received a bigger candle for this time of year; something that allows you burn away at both ends and there’s dancing done on street corners for what’s coming around the bend.

From a balcony with my summer mixture I can hear Aviccii over nearby hills. A lot must be said for the summer frame of mind, a glint in the eyeball and an abundance of good time.