Well, the man in the hotel he’s helped us wipe our sleepy eyes… he’s produced on the table a jug full of coffee – wake up slow and let it hit your body in your own sweet time – the day is young and the day is long. We’ve got Rome to explore; there’s a world and a lifetime to be learned. The two of us on a discovery as all the best books should be… love in the sky, love in the water love in our eyes and our mind.

Come, we’ll lace up our boots and step out on the cobblestone like the emperors might have done. But we’ll pretend they definitely did, and assume so for that’s the magic there is here on the Piazza’s, streetcorners and winding alleys. But what used to happen on this very square when people walked barefoot by road? There’s character here on all the streets and I’d like to greet each one, I can’t paint every face we see but I could colour this Italian sun.

We could get lost together and that’d be grand – ducking in and out and inbetween market stalls and giant ruins. I couldn’t think of anything better than to get lost in a city that’s been here forever. It’s nothing like the guidebooks… it’s better than that. Tripadvisor can’t capture the bliss when there’s two of us busy building memories on Romes sidewinding retreats.

I’m told the world was built here, and all roads will bring you to the Pope’s front door. I’m told this city lasts forever and hope springs eternal in the Trevi – we threw in pennies and missed the water but I’d say we’ll return anyway. Is this tower we pass where the Rich or the poor people lived – in times when they roared for blood and roared for sport inside the coliseum’s ruined walls? The walls that still hold echoes of cheer and blind deathly fear.


Well you can go to heaven on a Wednesday; sit in peace with thousands more; to see where Michaelangelo painted the sky, and sculpted the earth… Then, on Thursday go to war in the mighty Colosseum and it’s haunting walls. Ruins tell a mighty tale how this city ruled a world. Well it truly is a marvellous site. There it stands, surely a colossus albeit crumbling, but as powerful standing as it has been forever.


She takes my hand and shows me Navona and the Pantheon standing strong, among modern day buildings shops and bars. The wonder doesn’t cease at any point in the journey.


In Rome we always let the day settle – the dogs in the street know that – while the evening seems to last for years, and we’ll get lost along a winding path – square to square and snakes and ladders and the finest wine you can find.  The wine that you taste was bottled out the road and the food that we eat looks like it’s made with love and the spell that we’re under will follow us home.

Walk the feet off your ankles and we’ll keep discovering this old world. Feast your eyes on an ancient everything until home is a calling but Rome reminds us we’ve still so much more to find.