To fight off the Sunday fear I took a trip to the cinema, with the sister, mother and girlfriend. We went to see Eye in the Sky. A movie with Helen Mirren, AlanRickman (nice surprise) and the main pirate from Captain Phillips.

Some of us wanted treats, and they’ve a sign now that reads “no outside food allowed in” – It’s still aproxomately a million euro for a small popcorn, ice-cream and bottle of water though… so outside food looks like it’s going to be brought in for the foreseeable; no matter about a sign on a table they’ve taken the trouble to frame. First up was the ads -and after the 25 minutes of advertisements, I checked the watch, and a small couple of trailers, they started the movie.

The movie was as Wikipedia says “Eye in the Sky is a 2015 British thriller film starring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman, and Barkhad Abdi.[3] The film, directed by Gavin Hood based on a screenplay by Guy Hibbert, is about military personnel facing the legal, ethical and political dilemmas presented by drone warfare against those using terrorist tactics, and civilians who are endangered by it. It was filmed in South Africa in late 2014.”

We were enthralled by it, it was growing tense. We were an hour in and about to find out if a drone strike on a house containing terrorists could take place… As this was a ‘friendly’ area. A particular minister had to be contacted… They set about contacting him… He arrived on screen… Then the screen went blank. Yep, the telly was switched off.

“Ah here”

“Fkn hell”

A few of those were repeated around the room. First in darkness, then the lights came back on.

Shoddy workmanship as Father Ted might say. The grumbling was coming thick and fast. We sat for a good couple of minutes wondering who planned on turning the movie back on and how quickly they intended on doing it, and thinking they probably didn’t know much about it.

There we had been, deeply engaged in a movie about terrorism – referencing the attack on a shopping centre in Kenya a couple of years ago when a panicked and panting usher ran in to us with a torch, breaking the silence and confusion

“Sorry ladies and gentlemen, you’ll have to go out the fire exits. We’ve an emergency in the centre.”

Jeeesus. This is not the thing you want to hear so frantically when you’re watching a movie about terrorism so there was swift move made for the exits… not too swift now mind you, this is still Ireland. We don’t like a rush, we’ll get out when we get out.

The crowd of cinema goers gathered outside… All seemed fine, quiet and peaceful on a quiet spring Sunday evening.  – no emergency in the centre anyways – at least not from the security guards on a casual stroll. With the startling that was delivered to us I reckoned that perhaps someone had been attacked or fire had broken out. As it happens, 8km away a fire had started at an ESB substation and all of an hour before the movie screen went dead. An hour ago and 8km away. 8km away and we’re being turfed out over an “emergency in the centre” lads, come on – we thought someone might have been killed or some threat was made. No, there was a power cut – for a minute or two. The lights were all back in less than twenty minutes around the affected areas – but we had to all to go home.

We made our way back around to the cinema entrance, people were coming in and out like a normal evening. Eddie Rockets and Spar were among places still open. The lights were on in the cinema. People sat in Eddie’s chatting and eating, two chefs sat outside smoking… No evacuation there.
Fair enough we couldn’t watch the movie with a power failure, that’s normal enough… And youd be glad the fire didn’t spread and cause injury… And it was never going to spread this far, perhaps I’m missing something but I feel a bit of perspective is needed, it was not an emergency in the centre and there was no need to make people feel like there was.

With no movie to finish watching we made our way home, which also happens to be 8km from the Substation on the other side of the M50… But we didn’t have to leave there.  We were fine there… We’d candles just in case