In Ireland it rains a lot. Even in Summer? Especially in summer. So one June day on the Aran Islands, peeking out the window at the pouring rain… I wrote a sort of song / poem about how the rainy day on Aran made me feel and here’s the words…. I thought about touching it up, before posting, but decided on leaving it as is.

Open your hands and welcome it in,
Fate will make sure you always swim,
Look at the ocean like you know her name,
May the fire in your heart never be tamed.

The ships were all ready to set sail,
In came island rain nobody sails today,
Another day in paradise put it this way,
Even if the boats would sail we wouldn’t leave anyway.

Raining like you’ve not seen it before,
Don’t live your nights behind closed doors,
Somebody somewhere wants to see you,
Now she’s on the valley tell what you gonna do?

I watch the roads twist on one bended knee,
And her story unfolds right into the sea,
She walks the boreens like thousands before,
Her beauty so peerless the lady Inis Mór.

We’ve got our own precious world,
There’s no getting on and there’s no getting off,
Your heart will nosedive if treated like a toy,
But I have thought the world of you since I was a boy.

Swim in the ocean where she learnt and played,
People print her beauty on an endless page,
She built her empire from rock and from stone,
They leave for a long time but always come back home.
We will go to where the river flows down,
Those who won’t follow will lie down,
Island rain keeps falling all around,
It’s still a perfect day we’re safe on this ground.