There’s a blue light at midnight when we’re rambling home and the moon bright is our  guide on this long stony road. It’s a long stroll and tiring at this time of night, but our mouths they’ve got songs, so It’s alright on the night… The front light’s been left on until we’re in from the cold, the warm fire is firing to take the road from your toes.

Set your hat down, and talk from your soul; hell, I’m breathing so I’ll be back again and I could make it there by next weekend. I’ve only left to make you proud, I’ve not forgotten one grain of sand so I’ll go walking days to take a moments seat where summer days rest in a smoky black and baby blue at your bench on Kilmurvey bay. You can be sure I’d split the spoils with you; remember I only ever leave so I can come back to you.

I feel a calling in my heels and they’re pointing me towards the hills whilst I sip my tea pointing westwards and I think I’ll just get up and go now. Just go run, like I used to would have always done and tonight, well I’ll be at sea when evening comes. My heart doesn’t know where to stop when it comes to plotting trains to hop, so longer I’ll roam.
I’ve seen too many strobe lights and they burn my eyes, there’s nothing like Aran colours at midnight. Whether it’s starlight or lamplights we’re dancing on home when the music has been good – and after closing time the songs they continue into the Aran night sky.

I remember, how it was in my youth at this time of year. And do you recall we felt like we were running the place? There’d be a hush on the land but for our twinkle toes. We’d be dancing home under summer stars or heavy rains singing songs about New York while saying we should go one day, and all the above and inbetween were A-OK, the world was great because we thought we could spend forever this way. Under Aran skies at midnight dancing to the wrong beat, taking the ocean home, learning to grow by the sounds of the sea, under Aran skies at midnight and the colours they share my memories were made and they march with me through each new midnight – just like the Aran colours at midnight did when the blue light and moon light guided us home. The music for company on the long winding road. Blue lights at midnight welcome you home and call in the morning, home bound to be safe and sound before the daytime comes calling.

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