Battlecried is a rhyming piece about a place of war and fighting now at peace.

*She, is a city – in a country, but I’m not telling where.


I’ve never seen the crossfire just the scars of aftermath,

I wonder will I ever know tired like she’s known it in the past,

Some folks bare harder marks underneath their shirt sleeves,

How do you suffer several thousand cuts, and have your beauty still appeal?


She tells me of most of the bruises how they’ve started to heal,

But she finds the bleeding starts again on the nights there’s shouting in the streets.

She sometimes lights a candle to remember he’s at peace,

And long after the fighting stops his body still roams the streets.


In the middle of the crossfire on both sides of the street,

Crying for a love but she’ll have to clench her teeth,

She’d like to quiet down now and try to get some peace,

Life’s still cheap on some streets and she can’t afford the fees.


I’ve never seen the crossfire – only reminders on the wall,

I’ve never touched the barbed wire and I’ve never been too proud to fall.

I must say I like the look of her and how she looks tonight,

You can tell that she’s a warrior when she looks you in the eyes.


She’s seen it all and watched them die when gun slingers come to town,

She outlives the lot with little prize and sees the same things going around,

She says “don’t get caught in the crossfire no one’s as tough as me,

You would be right wiped away – I’ve learnt to hide in sleep.”


I’ve never seen the crossfire just reminders on the wall,

The aftermath in a painting tells a story of a rise and fall,

She’ll leave a light on at the front door when she knows he’s not coming home,

And she’ll watch all her land while the new flowers grow.


She tells the world that, “we’re doing fine now, thank you for asking.”

Every day is a good one, if there’s no bugle played through the air.